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Welcome to the Newburyport Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) home page
NYSA is a non-profit athletic community whose mission is to enrich the physical and mental lives of kids through the sport of soccer.  Founded in 1980, each year NYSA provides over 1000 young players in our community the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of soccer. By ensuring that they learn, compete, and have fun, players will learn valuable physical and social skills that will assist them in life on and off the field.  On this site you should be able to find everything you need to know about NYSA from team schedules and player registration, to how you can help by volunteering your time.  We continue to update the site regularly, so please remember to add a bookmark and visit often.
LAST DAY to Register for Tots,U6,U8,U10 WITHOUT A LATE FEE


(Please note that this email is going out to everyone in the database, including those who have already registered their player(s) for the upcoming season.  If you can't remember if you registered your player(s), you can easily check by logging into your account and clicking on the name of your player(s) to view their registration history.)


NYSA is now registering TOTS (U3/U4/U5), U6, U8 & U10 Players for the SPRING 2015 season.

Registration OPENS:   NOVEMBER 12th, 2014

Registration CLOSES:  DECEMBER 31ST, 2014

Registration programs for each division are located below. Please note the following important information:


Intown Soccer (Tots (U4/U5), U6, U8, U10) is open to children who are between the ages of 3 and 9. Age cut off dates for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 seasons are as follows:

  • TOTS U3/U4: Born on or after 09/01/10 through 08/31/11
  • TOTS U4/U5: Born on or after 09/01/09 through 08/31/10
  • U6: Born on or after 09/01/08 through 08/31/09 (or entering Kindergarten when registering for the Fall soccer season orenrolled in Kindergarten when registering for the Spring soccer season).
  • U8: Born on or after 09/01/06 through 08/31/08 (or entering 1st or 2nd grade when registering for the Fall soccer season or enrolled in 1st or 2nd grade when registering for the Spring soccer season).
  • U10: Born on or after 08/01/04 through 08/31/06 (or entering 3rd or 4th grade when registering for the Fall soccer season or enrolled in 3rd or 4th grade when registering for the Spring soccer season).


Please read the following information prior to registering your child for any Fall or Spring season with NYSA:

1. NYSA DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. Please make certain that you want to commit yourself and your child to soccer prior to completing the online registration form.

2. SPACE IS LIMITED. Registration for any particular age group during any particular season is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS and programs may fill up prior to the registration close date. The player may be waitlisted in the event that a particular age group becomes full prior to the end of registration. In the event that the player must be registered for the waitlist for a particular age group, payment for their registration fee will not be required until the parent or guardian is notified via email that a space has become available to place the player on a team.

3. NON-RESIDENTS: All players who do not live within the City of Newburyport are required to pay a $10.00 Non-Resident Fee. This fee will be applied during the registration payment process.

4. REGISTRATIONS DELETED FOR NON-PAYMENT. The player's registration for any particular season will be deletedshould the registration fee remain unpaid after (7) days of registering the player online. In the event that the player is deleted from NYSA's online system for a particular season due to nonpayment of the registration fee, the player must re-register during the open registration period. If the program has become full, the player will be waitlisted.

5. PARENTS MUST VERIFY REGISTRATION IS CORRECT. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to verify the accuracy of the player's stated birth date on his/her registration and ensure that the player is registered for the correct age/gender group. If the player is registered in the wrong age/gender group at the time of registration and the correct program becomes full before this error is corrected, please note that the player will be waitlisted for that program and only placed if a space becomes available on a team.

6. TEAM FORMATION. New teams may be created in the Spring season due to changes in enrollment levels, although we make every attempt to keep Intown Teams (Tots through U10) consistent from Fall to Spring.

Players in U12 and U14 who participate in the Fall season are placed on a team according to their DOB as well as their skill level, which is determined during player evaluations that are conducted each Spring for the subsequent Fall season. It is the intention of the NYSA league to keep these players on the same teams from the Fall to the Spring. 

7.  GAME SCHEDULE:  U6, U8 & U10 Games are played on Saturdays (Tots Clinic Players DO NOT play games on Saturdays).  The hours range from 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Please note the following game schedule below for the SPRING 2015 season:  TBD


InTown: Practices for U6 Boys and Girls will be held at Cashman Park from 5:15-6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays (Girls) and Wednesdays (Boys). 

Practices for all other InTown teams (U8 and U10) will be held once per week in Newburyport.**

Travel: U12 and U14 will practice at least once per week in Newburyport, in addition to the Tosh practices (see below). 

**The specific times for the weekly practices in Newburyport for U8-U14 are determined by the coaches of each team based on their schedules and can be held any time between 4:00pm-7:30pm Mondays through Fridays. Please note that the league will not issue refunds for players who have a conflict with their teams' designated practice times, nor will the league switch players to another team based on practice time conflicts.

10. TOSH FARRELL CLINICS: Additional practices run by the Tosh Farrell Development Academy will be held at Amesbury Sports Park once per week for U10 through U14, and once every other week for U8.  The schedules for each age group are sent out prior to the start of each season.

11. ELIGIBILITY FOR INTOWN PROGRAMS DOES NOT CHANGE FALL TO SPRING -- date of birth cutoffs are set based on the player's age during the Fall season.

12. UNIFORMS: Uniforms (shirt and socks) are not part of the registration fee and can be purchased at Amesbury Skate and Sport. The current uniforms are reversible (Maroon and Gold) and the cost is approximately $45. These uniforms are designed to last through several seasons if care is taken. Information and directions on how to get to Amesbury Skate and Sport can be found at the following link. http://www.amesburysport.com/.

TOTS players are not required to wear NYSA shirts and socks, but parents are more than welcome to let them wear them if they fit.

13. EQUIPMENT: ALL children participating in an NYSA program are required to have the following basic equipment:

• Shin pads are a MUST!

• Soccer shoes with rubber cleats (no metal), cleats cannot have a center "toe" cleat (i.e., most baseball cleats have one).

• Regulation soccer ball.  The size of the ball depends upon your child's age group.  We suggest that each player have a stitched ball (as opposed to a hard seamless ball) of proper size.  Soccer balls come in 3 different sizes: 3, 4, & 5. The ball size is shown on the ball. Also, look for a stamp that says either "official size & weight" or "FIFA Approved". Even if a ball is the official weight, some balls are heavier & harder than others. Don't get a ball that is too heavy or hard (some seamless balls are especially hard). Some balls are so hard that it is painful to kick them. If you have a choice, a shiny, waterproof surface is best because it won't absorb water & will last longer. Test the ball to see if it's round & will fly straight by tossing it into the air with a lot of spin on it to see if it wobbles. U-6 & U-8 (i.e., Under-6 & Under-8) use a size 3; U-10 & U-12 use a size 4; and U-13 & older use a size 5 ball).

• Water bottles at practice AND at games are a MUST!


Please visit "Hints on Registration" under the "Help/How To" tab on the left hand side of the website homepage and/or email the Registration Director if you have questions regarding the registration process. Contact information is listed under the"Contacts" button on the left side of the website as well as below.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U12 & U14 TRAVEL PROGRAM: Please contact our U12/U14 Travel Co-Directors: Dawn Laliberty (  ); Karen Mascott  ; Devon Palermino ; Rosemary Turgeon 

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U10 GIRLS PROGRAM: Please contact our U10 Girls Coordinator: Kim Patrick   

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U10 BOYS PROGRAM: Please contact our U10 Boys Coordinator: Matt McDermott (

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U8 GIRLS PROGRAM: Please contact our U8 Girls Coordinator: Suzi MacDonald (

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U8 BOYS PROGRAM: Please contact our U8 Boys Coordinator: 
Katcher Wittner 

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U6 GIRLS PROGRAM: Please contact our U6 Girls Coordinator: Maureen Sullivan      

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE U6 BOYS PROGRAM: Please contact our U6 Boys Coordinator: Maureen Sullivan  

Please contact:  

Tots Age 4/5 Coordinator (Wednesdays) - Julie Christie-Padden (jchristie24@yahoo.com)

Tots Age 4/5 Coordinator (Tuesdays) - Jennifer McCormick (jenhimeon@hotmail.com)

Tots Age 3/4 Coordinator (Thursdays) - Cheryl Lachendro (Chewalsh@aol.com)

by posted 12/31/2014


Games are played during the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm. Please note the following schedule for the SPRING 2015 season for U6, U8 & U10 teams:


April 11, 2015 - First Game
April 18, 2015
April 25, 2015 - NO GAME
MAY 2, 2015 
MAY 9, 2015
MAY 16, 2015
MAY 23, 2015
MAY 30, 2015 - NO GAME
JUNE 6, 2015
JUNE 13, 2015 - LAST GAME



Please note the following Start/End Dates for the SPRING 2015 Tots Clinics held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 

TUE: APRIL 28-JUNE 2, 2015
WED: APRIL 29-JUNE 3, 2015
THU:  APRIL 30-JUNE 4, 2015



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